Ultimate Sci-Fi Series (2000)
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer ORIGIN Systems, Inc., Westwood Studios, Inc.
Series Ultimate Sci-Fi

Compilation Release Includes:
-Blade Runner
-Dune 2000
-Wing Commander: Prophecy

As the word speaks for itself, the ultimate sci-fi collection that embraces all the main genres... adventure, real-time strategy, and simulation.

Blade Runner: First 3D Real-time adventure game. Made after 1982 movie, some of the characters will look the same, and even the voices are from the same cast as in the movie. You play a role of Ray McCoy, a rookie Blade Runner that will soon unfold his path of destiny. The game is short by gameplay time, but it holds 13 different endings, to which you come as your character's mood affect other AI characters (that are over 70). Be hunter and hunted in this quest for love or extermination.

Dune 2000: A remake of Dune II, with better graphic, soundtrack, and animation level. In this real-time strategy, you can choose up to three different Houses, the noble Atreides, the insidious Ordos, or the evil Harkonnen. Upon your selection, you'll be given a mentat with cunning tactics and deadly skills that will aid your missions, though only by his intelligence support. He'll actually be far away from the battles. Take the vast quantity of known Dune weapon arsenal, and defeat the opposing Houses, including Emperor himself.

Wing Commander: Prophecy: A phantom menace? Alien technology is lurking around, and we just had to be on their path. Well, the only common solution is war 'til last ship left floating. Defend yourself, and prove yourself a worthy pilot, once more.


-Blade Runner
The game is based on the famous movie bearing the same title. In the grim world of the future, cities lie in darkness, and nature gave its way to artificial, bio-mechanical production of all creatures - including human beings. Those "artificial humans" are called replicants, and are treated as servants unworthy of being "true" humans. You play the role of police officer McCoy, a Blade Runner, whose special job is to hunt down replicant rebels. But during your investigations, you also get to see their side, and your vision of the world and society begins to change...

"Blade Runner" is an adventure game with an emphasis on detective work rather than on puzzles. There are very few "real" puzzles in the game, and the gameplay mainly consists of questioning suspects, gathering evidence, etc. There are also some action sequences, and throughout the game you have the ability to use your gun. Your decisions can (and will) influence the outcome of the story, bringing the game to one of the six possible endings.

-Dune 2000
Dune 2000 is a remake of the classic Dune II updated for Windows. In this Real-Time Strategy game, you can play one of the three houses, the evil Harkonnen, the greed filled Ordos or the noble Atreides. Mine the planet for spice to buy your army and then wipe out the enemy factions.

-Wing Commander: Prophecy
Following the Border Worlds conflict of Wing Commander IV, the galaxy is once more at peace. Colonel Christopher Blair, hero of the Confederation has transferred into the Naval Forces. Blair helps design the TCS Midway, a state-of-the-art multi-role carrier that will help keep order during the Confederation's new peacetime. The luxury of peace allows Confed to retire many older pilots and assign younger pilots to piloting roles. Lance Casey and his friend Max "Maestro" Garrett are two such pilots, fresh from the academy, transferred aboard the TCS Midway along with several others for its maiden voyage along the borders of Confed Space. But soon into the mission, the Midway intercepts a distress call from the Kilrathi, the remains of a race of cat-like warriors who lost the war with the Confederation...

Wing Commander: Prophecy is a space combat simulator. Players take the role of Lance Casey on his new assignment aboard the ship. The player can click various hotspots aboard the ship to engage in non-interactive FMV conversations with shipboard personnel. By entering the briefing room, players can receive full instructions on their next mission.

Space Combat begins by launching from the TCS Midway carrier, and are displayed as first-person perspective inside the cockpit, similar to the rest of the Wing Commander series. Mission objectives vary between escort duties, patrol missions, search and destroy or defense of the TCS Midway herself. Depending on the ship being flown for the particular mission, the player will be able to switch between guns, missiles, torpedoes and mines with which to combat the enemy. The player, as wing commander, can give orders to nearby wingmen and communicate with any other ship. After each mission, the player must return to dock with the TCS Midway and will receive a mission performance rating.
Product Details
UPC 014633117165
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 8
Language English
Audience Rating Everyone
Review Rating 74
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