Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr (2000)
Action - Adventure
Publisher Gathering of Developers
Developer Terminal Reality

Some enjoyed making up their own monster in the original film that spawned this game The Blair Witch Project Vol 1: Rustin Parr, others felt cheated. Just in time for the first sequel this Halloween, the game is intended to be part of a trilogy. The loading screen starts to set up the atmosphere with weird random freakish noises like children crying, but since the game requires 850Mb HDD space and isn't the fastest loader around, this soon becomes irritating.

You control Doc Holiday--a female doctor rather than the male gunslinger--in her quest to unravel the mystery of the Blair Witch. The story setup and the training mission are combined into one. It is certainly the best time to get accustomed to the extreme third-person angles of the game, though Resident Evil fans won't have much trouble adjusting. You still have to readjust your control method because different camera angles cause different character directions onscreen although the controls remain the same, which is no real problem forTomb Raider fans, but it's the second time one of the features of Blair Witch Vol.1 has been better executed elsewhere and your technique needs to be totally relearned. One nice feature however, is the first-person night vision, which is deliberately blurred to recreate the film's night video view feel.

Since at least two more episodes are due for release by Gathering of Developers, don't kid yourself that it's all over when you get to the end. The game is average and open-minded gamers will give it a try, and persevere if they are fans of the other action/adventure series mentioned. If not, this game is a like-or-hate affair, just like the film, and shouldn't be bought without trying a demo first. --Kenneth Henry

Product Details
UPC 5026555032902
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Completed Yes