Atari 2600 Action Pack for Windows (1995)
Compilation - Platform
Publisher Activision
Developer Atari

Rediscover 15 Original Atari 2600 Video Games - now in Windows!

The blast from the past zeroes in on your PC-- with class heart-racing action that'll zap video vets into neo-cartridge nirvana! It's video-mania revisited with gameplay that's as timeless as those sore thumbs and unfinished homework. . .

Relive the pit-hopping, river-raiding, bomb-catching hours of your youth on your PC with all the riveting graphics, gripping sound effects and addictive fun you remember!

The atari 2600 Action Pack-- the latest breakthrough in classic entertainment.

Includes these games:
-River Raid
-Spider Fighter
-Chopper Command
-Grand Prix
-Cosmic Commuter
-Fishing Derby
-Sky Jinks
Product Details
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Completed No