Aftershock Toolbox: The Ultimate Command Tools for QUAKE (CD-ROM) (1996)
Publisher head Games
Series Quake

Create your own new Slipgate Complexes with Aftershock Toolbox for Quake. Use the latest & greatest worldcraft & Thred editors to create your own new levels. Use the many Quake Patches, Map Editors, new Monsters, new Weapons, Weapon modifications & utility programs for Textures & Sound to create the toughest Quake Levels yet. Easily find & view other servers front end programs. Information on Cheat codes, FAQ's. How to "Guide for making your own maps.

Along with Aftershock Deathmatch 300, Aftershock Toolbox is one of the two derivatives of the original Aftershock for Quake, an unofficial add-on pack which was also published by Head Games. Whereas the original's premise is a more traditional package of linked levels consisting of three episodes, this 'toolbox' is more-or-less a collection of various Quake modifications which could also be found on related BBS archives.

While a basic front-end helps the user to copy over the various QuakeC patches on offering (grouped as Monsters, Weapons and Misc.), there are also undocumented tools under respective folders on the disk. These include early level editors such as Worldcraft and Thred, a bunch of player and monster skins, third-party tools for multiplayer and 54 unconnected maps both for multi and solo play. Even though twenty of these maps were collected from the internet, along with the new ones, they are given all-new textures, to avoid copyright issues with id Software.

As a final note, unlike most of the shovelware discs, Aftershock Toolbox includes the accompanying documents of the add-ons that are taken from the internet and gives the original authors due credit.
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Format CD-Rom
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Language English
Audience Rating Teen
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