Deus Ex (2001)
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Developer Ion Storm
Series Deus Ex

Sometime during the 2050s, the world is a dangerous place as terrorists, drug czars, and outlaw states rule, using violence and subterfuge as tools in their push for global conquest. A deadly virus dubbed "gray death" is running rampant throughout the world and the only known cure is a chemical known as "Ambrosia" manufactured by the VersaLife corporation. However Ambrosia supplies are scarce and world governments, particularly the United States, carefully monitor and control who receives this cure. As protest against these events, French terrorist organization "Silhouette" bombs the historic symbol of friendship between French and American people, The Statue of Liberty. In response to this attack, the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO) organization is formed. Building a headquarters underground at Liberty Island, it's mission is to attack terrorism and maintain peace around the world. JC Denton is a nano-enhanced agent who has been primed for UNATCO service. While JC's brother Paul is already an active agent, JC is beginning his first day of service when the National Secessionist Forces (NSF) suddenly raid a supply of Ambrosia at UNATCO headquarters.

Deus Ex is a dark cyberpunk RPG in which the player assumes the role of JC Denton, UNATCO anti-terrorist agent. Pitted against an elaborate global conspiracy, he must interact with characters, pick up weapons and complete objectives While DC is essentially fixed within the mission-framework of the game, he can be customized with different skills in areas such as weapons, technical skills and physical prowess. The game world is somewhat expansive and fairly open to accommodate different approaches to solving the same problems, depending on he player's preferred style of play. JC can also augment himself using nanotech to enhance or add extra abilities.

The game interface is typical of a first person RPG/action-adventure game. The world is rendered in first-person 3D and camera segues are sometimes interspersed to transition the gameplay or expose new story elements. Combat takes place in the same interface, mostly in the style of a first person shooter. Deus Ex blends shooter type gameplay with touches of RPG character development, stealth and multiple solutions to many puzzles.
Product Details
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Completed Yes