Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition (2005)
3rd Person - Compilation - Role-playing - RPG
Publisher Atari
Developer BioWare Corp.
Series Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Nights Diamond is the total package from the award-winning Neverwinter Nights gameplay. From Bioware the developers of Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights is an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. Neverwinter Nights has been designed specifically for the online, multiplayer environment and the latest in 3D technology. It also allows anyone to experience all the magic of pen & paper Dungeon-Mastering on a home computer. Neverwinter Nights' powerful and user-friendly Solstice Toolset allows creation and population of entire new modular worlds and stories for others to adventure in. Enter a multiplayer module as a DM (Dungeon Master) and alter plots, possess characters and manage combat from behind the scenes all in real-time. Shadows of Undrentide offers role playing fans more Dungeons and Dragons features than the ground breaking original. Additional skills, such as Tumble and Appraise, additional feats, such as Divine Might, Extra Music and Bullheaded, additional new weapons, such as Holy Water Flasks and Choking Powder, additional new prestige classes, such as Harper Scout, additional new monsters from the Dungeon and Dragons universe, such as Medusa, Cockatrice, Sphinx, and Female Fire Giant, and additional new spells. Hordes of the Underdark is the 2nd expansion for the revolutionary role-playing game Neverwinter Nights. BioWare has created a dark and dangerous world of adventure set in the world of D&D. Your mind is sharp from hundreds of books studied, callused hands from years of weapon play, nimble feet from slipping unseen and unheard past thousands of guards and unshakable faith in gods worshipping. But is it enough for the final terror? As the last hope for the Forgotten Realms, you must face the unstoppable and decide the fate for all. As the hero, are you a legend? Epic levels, new prestige classes, new creatures, spells, feats, weapons and new tilesets to explore endles

Neverwinter Nights Diamond is an updated compilation of Neverwinter Nights products sold on a single DVD.

It includes Neverwinter Nights, Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark, and Kingmaker.

Kingmaker is a retail box version of 3 BioWare "Premium" modules. The included modules are: Kingmaker, ShadowGuard, and Witch's Wake.

The game installation is updated up to version 1.66 for this first run of the compilation.

Contents of the box include the game DVD and a quick install guide. The manuals are contained on the disk in Adobe PDF format.
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Format DVD-ROM
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Language English
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