Level Master V: Unofficial Add-Ons for Quake (1997)
Publisher Macmillan Digital, USA
Developer Macmillan Digital, USA
Series Quake

This program is an absolute bargain if you are looking into learning how to create true 3D environment games. It's a little confusing at first to understand because it is compared to other level editors such as BUILD for Duke Nukem 3D and others. It is very powerful and has MANY possibilies. Not exactly a program to replicate your imagination but it does have a great text giving you little by little instructions on how to make different things and make mosters seem more real by makeing them walk around. when you seem limited by the terxtures for walls and things there are websites listed to download more and after that you are ready to move to the qED2 program for Quake II.
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Format CD-Rom
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Language English
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