Pro Pilot 98
Publisher Sierra

Pro Pilot '99 is a light aircraft flight simulator for the PC running Windows 95 or 98 which allows you to take flights over scenery in the USA, Canada and Europe--flying over the Golden Gate bridge or even buzzing the Vatican. The graphics are, according to the box, best viewed with a Voodoo 3Dfx card. This may account for the fact that when we used another perfectly respectable card we found the scenery to be frankly disappointing.

Offered for your flying pleasure are six aircraft from Cessna and Beechcraft--three single-engine light aircrafts, two twin-engines and a turbojet. There are 4,300 airports to visit ranging from Boston and San Francisco with their frantic Class-B airspace to the laid-back uncontrolled airspace at places such as Morris, Minnesota.

A flying tutorial is included, covering everything from the physics of flight to the logistics of manoeuvres, stalls, takeoffs and landings, as well as airspace classification, radio communications, navigation, instrument flying and cross-country flying. If you haven't played with a flight simulator before, this little lot should give you a good grounding. If you're a seasoned PC pilot, a quick flip through the Getting Started guide should be enough to see you airborne.

If you're happy to fly solely light aircraft, Pro Pilot is well worth a look, but it's less likely that you'll get the chance to add aircraft the way you can with Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2000. --Mark Whitehorn

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