Inspector Parker (2003)
Publisher Oberon Games, Inc.
Developer Oberon Games, Inc.
Series Inspector Parker

Something sinister has happened at Misanthorpe Manor. Old Aunt Agatha, the wealthy and mean owner of the Manor, was murdered. Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Parker has taken statements from the potential victims and suspects. As his protégé, you must sort and figure out the what's and where's so that forensic and Parker can crack the case. If you succeed, you will be promoted...and who might match your mentor and become Chief Inspector!

Gameplay consists of a game board with a number of rows and columns that represents different rooms of the Manor. The object of the game is to figure out where each suspect, victim and items are located at the time of the crime. You are giving clues like "Stella Sweetheart is in a room to the left of Rolly the Rector" and you must solve the case by elimination (cross out objects/people from a room until only one remains which indicates that's the correct object) or deduction.

There are 3 difficulty modes: Easy, Normal and Deadly. Each mode has 10 levels. You start with a practice level and then a regular level. In the earlier levels, you will have only 2-4 floors and will only have to locate the suspects, weapons and victims. As you progress in the different levels, there will more floors and you will have to figure out the possible motives and how the corpse was disposed of. The difference between the modes is in the clarity of the clues. For example, in Easy mode you will have clues indicating exactly how many rooms are between 2 objects...while in Deadly you will only be notified of the direction of the objects.

Another choice is to choose between Puzzle Mode and Timed Mode. In Puzzle Mode, you are allowed a certain number of guesses. If you make too many mistakes, the game ends. In Timed Mode you have unlimited guesses but you must solve the case before time runs out.

So who killed Agatha? Was it Fred or Portia? Were they in the Red Bedroom or the Garden Room? What was the weapon used? Was it the knife or poison? And what was the villain's motive? Money or vengeance?

If you can answer all these questions, you will become Chief Inspector in no time!
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