Landscape Design 3D (1999)
Publisher Expert Software
Developer Expert Software
Series Landscape Design

Landscape Design 3D is a program which lets users place objects like trees, flowers, and fences on a piece of land in 2D, then walk through the landscape (or use a helicopter-view option) in 3D.
Some useful features of the program include the ability to move back and forward in time, seeing how much different plants will grow, and the ability to have objects automatically overlap each other at different levels. For example, a tree can have flowers or a stream placed directly under it without any problem. A wide variety of plants, structures (walls, fences, buildings), land features, and accessories (cars, boats, wheelbarrows) can be placed. Many objects can be re-sized or have their color changed. The appearance of the sky and terrain can be altered as well.
Product Details
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Format CD-Rom
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Language English
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