Castles & Catapults (2003)
Publisher Infogrames, Inc.
Developer Magic Lantern Playware

It is late in the thirteenth century. Your father has died; responsibility has fallen to you to command the troops, beat back your enemies, and expand your holdings. At your command -- when you can afford them -- are pikemen, swordsmen, and longbowmen. Survive, and trebuchets, cannon -- even mages and dragons -- will be in the offing. Then you can really start to do some damage!

The mechanics of play in Castles & Catapults are rather like a small board game sprung to life. You and your opponent (real or artificial) take turns purchasing tiles which represent troops, siege engines, castle sections, and even healing. Like the rest of the game, you have limited time for your decisions. You're also drawing from the same random pool of tiles, so you might wait to see what your opponent will take, or wish you had taken that longbowman on the first chance you had.

Next, you arrange your troops into small armies and maybe expand your castle, all by placing the tiles you purchased. When the battle begins, though, your troops slug it out in 3D graphics, under your commands to move and attack. As your army grows, you'll be able to lay siege to your opponent's castle. If you prove a poor commander, you'll simply be defending yours -- down to the last man.
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Format CD-Rom
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Language English
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