Bandits: Phoenix Rising (2003)
Action - Racing
Publisher Tri Synergy
Developer GRIN AB

As a bandit your mission and goal in life is to plunder, fight and come out the top dog of the wastelands. You follow the two notorious roughnecks Fennec & Rewdalf on their quest - to snatch the Jericho gold supply.
br> BANDITS is the game where your cannon mounted combat car takes you on an adventure across green fields, desert canyons and deep snow, bombing and blasting all sorts of enemies and cargo trucks, defending your gang and your glory!

Bandits: Phoenix Rising is an action based car game in the future, with a setting of the wastelands, similar to the Mad Max movies. You may equip your car with cannons, missile launchers, sniper guns, mine droppers, etc.

The game features a story driven single player mode or up to 8 players in deathmatch or team deathmatch over internet or lan.
Product Details
UPC 699030111499
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Multiplayer Support LAN, Split Screen
Devices Mouse
Region USA
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Review Rating 73
Completed No