Fading Shadows (2008)
Publisher Crave Entertainment
Developer Ivolgamus

Fading Shadows sees the player faced with the challenge of saving Erwyn, whose death, according to the millennia-old prophecy, will allow evil master Gardal to breach the gates of the Castle of Heaven, the supreme fortress built to protect the world from the forces of darkness. Erywn's soul has been enclosed in a protective orb by his clairvoyant sister, Aira, and the orb must now be returned to the dungeon where Erwyn is captive, using a magical beam of light.

The player must control the beam of light and exploit the state...changing abilities of the orb to fulfil the challenges of the 40 single player levels or 10 multiplayer levels. Pass through swamps, travel over mountains, visit castles and explore deserted cities. Change the orb's form into wood, metal or glass to overcome the obstacles facing you and return Erwyn to the Castle of Heaven.

Fading Shadows is a unique puzzle game for the PSP where the player leads an orb through 40 different levels by controlling a beam of light. This beam acts like a magnet to attract the orb, and can be widened or narrowed for different effects. The orb can be changed into 3 different states: metal, wood and glass. In order to solve complex puzzles and overcome obstacles, the player must utilize all the different transformations of the orb and master control over the beam of light.

The game story revolves around a young boy named Erwyn, who has been captured and imprisoned by the evil Master Gardal. The boy's soul is pure and untainted, and if Gardal sacrifices Erwyn then Gardal may breach the gates of the Castle of Heaven - a fortress built to protect the world from dark forces. However, Erwyn's clairvoyant sister has sealed his soul within a protective orb, and it is her job to free the orb from captivity and guide it safely to the Castle of Heaven.
Product Details
UPC 093992093303
Format UMD
No. of Disks 1
Multiplayer Support Wi-Fi
Region USA
Language English
Audience Rating Everyone
Review Rating 70
Completed No