Oasis (2005)
Adventure - Strategy
Publisher PlayFirst, Inc.
Developer Mind Control Software, LLC

Oasis is a strategy/puzzle game depicting the journey of an Egyptian prince to unite the fragmented kingdoms of his father's domain. Players explore the sorcerous fog that has descended on these kingdoms, uniting lost cities to fend off barbarian hordes.

Searching the kingdom uses a mechanic similar to the familiar game Minesweeper, but with the big difference that there are no harmful clicks. Each click removes fog from one space, and reveals some information about what may be found in nearby spaces. Alternatively, once you have removed enough fog to reveal useful terrain features, you can use your turn instead to build roads between cities, search them for hidden treasures, or take other actions to prepare for the barbarian hordes.

When you run out of turns, the barbarians arrive (from where? you'll only know if you found the cairn that marks their entry location) and attack. You have 10 seconds to move people to the nearest city (if you built the right roads!) and then it's out of your hands. Victory depends on having made the right preparations. So while every click on the map is good, they may not all be equally good for your current situation.

The full version of Oasis includes the "Pharaoh's Challenge," a selection of campaign games each telling a different story, and each using different variant rules on the basic game.
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Format CD-Rom
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Language English
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