Planescape: Torment (1999)
Adventure - RPG
Publisher Interplay
Developer Black Isle Studios

I was awakened on a cart which the zombies just pushed into the room, closing the doors behind them. The dim light allowed me to see the dead bodies scattered around the room, lying on tables and waiting for the zombie workers to take them away. I looked at myself. What are those scars all over my face? What are those tattoo markings on my back? And, most importantly - who am I?

Maybe the floating skull, who calls himself Morte, will explain it to me? It is difficult for me to understand why Morte decided to accompany me on my quest for identity. I know only I don't remember anything. Memories of love, a woman's face, good and bad deeds of my life - all this has been replaced now by the dreadful reality of the mortuary.

And so my journey began. I, The Nameless One, opened the doors of the mortuary, only to dive into a world full of strange encounters, grotesque characters, broken hopes, despair and hatred. Piece by piece I'll try to solve the puzzle and to discover who I am.

Featuring the real-time/turn-based Infinity Engine, employed in "Baldur's Gate", this is a role-playing game using Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules. The flexible customization of the main character allows you to make him virtually anything you want to, and the party of unique and grotesque characters is almost as customizable as the hero himself. Unlike most other RPGs, your hero can't permanently die in this game, with the exception of the very last and the most dangerous quest.
Product Details
UPC 040421001651
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Review Rating 80
Completed No