Anachronox (2001)
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Developer Ion Storm Inc.

I am Sly Boots, a private investigator whose office is on an artificial planet called Anachronox, somewhere in the middle of the universe. Currently, an angry client is beating me up... Right, I forgot again about that little debt of mine... No big deal. But my secretary Fatima reminds me I should better get a job. Okay, okay... I'll just walk around, talk to people, and find something. What's that? A mysterious rich man wants me to find some artifact for him? Great! That looks like a simple PI job. What can possibly go wrong?

And so, the tale of Anachronox begins. Together with his friends, Sly Boots will discover a great mystery and prevent the destruction of the universe. Set in a futuristic world, the game is a console-style RPG for the PC, that also contains elements of a humorous adventure á la Space Quest. Controlling Sly and six other party members, you'll explore many planets, and fight enemies in Final Fantasy style battles - a mixture of real time and turn-based combat. There are also many mini-games and plenty of side quests scattered around.
Product Details
UPC 788687106016
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Review Rating 81
Completed Yes