Siege of Avalon (2003)
Isometric - Role-playing - RPG
Publisher Global Star Software

"Siege of Avalon" is a tradition fantasy-RPG with an isometric view, similar to "Baldur's Gate". The setting is an imaginary land which has been ruined by wars and it is up to you to defeat the evil warrior Mithras, who strives to conquer the entire land. Only the fortress of Avalon resists to his evil intentions.

The game is mainly story-driven, featuring many NPCs, and is based on a real-time combat.

This game is an "episodic computer game novel". It is divided into six chapters. The first one is available for free download, but you have to buy the others in order to complete the story. Second chapter takes the events from where the first chapter ended, while third, fourth and fifth chapters are sort of add-ons to the main story. The sixth chapter is dedicated to the final battle with the evil.

In Siege of Avalon, you are a young man who has just arrived on the scene of a war. After twelve long years, chaos reigns, and you'll fight your way through it to save the people!
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Format CD-Rom
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Language English
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