Luxor: The King's Collection (2008)
Publisher Mumbo Jumbo
Developer Mumbo Jumbo
Series Luxor

A compilation of the games

* Luxor
* Luxor: Amun Rising
* Luxor Mahjong
* Luxor 2

Luxor -
In Luxor, you journey through Egypt while battling Set to help Isis save the land.

A level in Luxor consists of a pyramid and a long path. On this path, scarabs, Set's minions, moving long groups of different colored spheres toward the pyramid. Your mission is to hinder those scarabs completing there task. For this purpose, you have an own scarab, but this scarab is different, as it flies.

Your flying Scarab works as a sphere thrower. And your objective is to fire your spheres into the spheres of the moving scarabs. When you create a group of 3 spheres of the same color (or prolonging existent groups), they vanish. As soon as all spheres of a scarab are removed, you have destroyed this minion.

Either when you destroy one of Set's minions, or you take too long to destroy it, another minion with lots of spheres entering the screen, heading for the pyramid.

Once you have destroyed all spheres in a level, you proceed to the next one. But when a scarab is putting spheres into the pyramid, you have lost a life.

The game offers 88 levels, which are spread over 12 stages, each with a different Egyptian theme. When you progress through the levels, you will start with just one pyramid, but this will change at a time, and you must play against two (or even more) scarab groups simultaneously.

But to help you, and making the game more interesting, there are plenty of power ups available, like Fireballs and Lightning for mass destroying spheres, Stop, Slow, and Reverse (affect all enemy scarabs, but only for a few seconds), Precision Shots (with an aiming help) and some others.

Luxor 2 -
Luxor 2, the sequel to Luxor, is an arcade style action-puzzle game. You control a winged scarab at the bottom of the screen. Your goal is to aim and attack differently colored spheres heading towards a pyramid? If a sphere hits the pyramid, you lose a life. To destroy spheres you must shoot spheres at the stream with other sphere so they form groups of an identical colored sphere. Game mechanics requires you plan your moves carefully and make chain series with strategically placed shots.

The game features 88 new levels with 13 new bonus rounds where player travels across a map of ancient Egypt saving it from terrible wrath of Set, while each next level is getting progressively harder. The game also features three new modes: Practice, Survival, and Pharaoh's Challenge, a choice of four difficulty levels including the mind-bending Challenge of Horus, 13 exciting power-ups and online player ranking system.

Luxor: Amun Rising -
Luxor: Amun Rising, the sequel to Luxor, is an arcade style action-puzzle game. The player goes on an adventure, travelling across a map of ancient Egypt, with each of the 88 levels getting progressively harder. There is a choice of three difficulty levels: easy, intermediate or expert.

The player controls a winged scarab which travels side to side along the bottom of the screen. The player shoots one of seven colored spheres at a line of approaching spheres traveling along a path. You must prevent the spheres from reaching your pyramids, or the level is over. Making a match of three or more will make the enemy spheres explode. Exploding spheres can drop coins, which you collect to get extra lives. They can also drop power ups, which help to destroy the enemy spheres.

The power ups are very helpful. There is a wild ball which matches any color, there's a lightning bolt that blasts through spheres, and a fireball that explodes any sphere in its blast radius. Other power ups make the approaching spheres slow down, stop or even reverse direction for a short time. One power up makes you shoot faster, and has a beam of light to aid with aiming. They added a new power up, the scorpion, which speeds out of the pyramid and destroys the first ten spheres it encounters.

The player can create a profile, and the player's progress is stored for future play. If the game is lost, then the player can start a new game on the furthest stage attained.
Product Details
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Everyone
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