Serious Sam: The Second Encounter (2002)
Shooter - FPS
Publisher Gathering of Developers
Developer Croteam, LLC
Series Serious Sam

Throwing even more punches than the first, Serious Sam: Second Encounter continues where the first instalment left off with 35 glorious, baddy-infested levels to get you straight into the action. Like the first, the action, the graphics and even the puzzles hark back to the days of Doom and gaming experiences long forgotten by many.

As with all these games from this genre the storyline is fairly simple, however, Serious Sam professes no real intellect and having battled the forces of evil and stolen their spaceship in the first volume you soon crash-land in South America and the havoc starts once again.

The good news however, is that this game dispenses with the dark corridors and looking for that hidden switch to solve the puzzle, and settles for all-out action with bad guys coming in their numbers the moment you start the game.

The graphics aren't the best thing in the world, but then you'll more likely be concerned with the large hordes of aliens running towards you rather than the shadows the elaborate architecture makes on the sun scorched landscape and this makes for an ungreedy 600Mb on the hard drive and a low spec machine of PII standards.

Of course, no first-person shooter would be complete without a helping of Multiplayer action and Serious Sam: Second Encounter offers plenty for those needing the fix. In all, not the best in-depth journey into the first-person shooter genre, but still enough for those needing a quick fix of action.--Jason Denwood

Product Details
UPC 5026555034821
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Multiplayer Support LAN, Internet
Language English
Completed No