The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2003)
Adventure - RPG
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo
Series Zelda

The latest Legend of Zelda adventure begins with young Link living a peaceful life on a tiny island. One day, Link witnesses a huge, menacing bird that snatches Link's younger sister and flies away with her. Link follows in hot pursuit. His search for her sets in motion an epic adventure that will have Link sailing the high seas and searching for answers to the mystery behind her disappearance.

Link returns in an all new adventure, with a brand new cel-shaded graphical style.

Set on a small island in the middle of a great ocean, Link is living peacefully with his Grandmother when some pirates pull up next to his island. Soon after a giant bird flies in out of nowhere, and grabs the young pirate captain, Tetra. As the hero that he is, Link heads off and rescues her, only for the bird to kidnap his sister.

Now Link must head out on an even bigger adventure to save his sister. Along the way, he will discover the mystery behind the great bird and the secrets of the ocean around him as well as receive the Wind Waker, a baton that allows Link to change the tide of the ocean, so he can sail to new destinations he wasn't able to before.

Along with the new adventure, Link will also come across new items, including the grappling hook, the deku leaf, and the Tingle Tuner, allowing you to connect your Game Boy Advance to the GameCube and use Tingle the fairy on the GBA to find hidden items.
Product Details
UPC 045496960469
Format GC Disc
No. of Disks 1
Region USA
Language English
Audience Rating Everyone
Review Rating 95
Completed No