Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure (2001)
Publisher Kotobuki System Co., Ltd.
Developer Nai'a Digital Works

Wake up, kid the entire Universal Studios Theme Park is yours to explore for the day, but you only have one day to see everything!! Luckily for you, your animated pal, Woody the Woodpecker will be along as your guide. Listen to him carefully and you'll be able to go places and do things no visitor has ever done before.

A complete 3D re-construction of Universal Studios, where you can spend a day at the park and ride the many rides and see the attractions that are part of the real life studios.

To take part in each ride, you must find and complete a range of tasks, with cartoon great Woody Woodpecker helping you out. Once you complete a task, one of the many rides become available to ride for free. As you go along, you will also come across many characters and other situations to get involved in, and you can complete a trivia quiz with questions based on the history of Universal.
Product Details
UPC 741648007081
Format GC Disc
No. of Disks 1
Region USA
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Review Rating 29
Completed No