Combat Medic Special Ops (2002)
Publisher Legacy Interactive Inc.
Developer Legacy Interactive Inc.

Front Lines ... Middle East war zone ... your buddy cries "Medic!" and you scurry on your knees towards him. Lying beside him is another member of your unit, blood pouring from his side .. his arm a mass of unrecognizable goo. You rip open your medical backpack and pray that you have enough morphine to go around. In this game, from the people who brought us the Emergency Room series, you become the Combat Medic working in the most life threatening of circumstances.

The story echoes real-life events. Akhmed Abdullah Zhareem and his army of terrorist plan to release deadly biological weapons. Your unit is part of a major U.S. force sent to fight and gain intelligence about this terrorism threat. You are not only a combat soldier .. you are the only medically trained person in the near vicinity. In between dodging enemy fire and returning with your own, you must perform triage, patch up the wounded, administer pain shots, move the wounded to safer ground and coordinate evacuation for the worst of them.

Gameplay is an unusual mix of puzzle-solving along with action using both the keyboard and mouse. In top-down view, you'll be shooting back at the enemy in between (and sometimes during) treating the wounded, who are scattered about the action map. When you approach a hurt soldier, the view changes to first person so you can administer whatever medical treatment is needed.

You'll be using authentic US Army medical tools to treat more than 45 combat injuries. Choose one of three characters to play with diverse backgrounds. Adding to the replayability, there are also three difficulty settings: Novice, Intermediate and Expert.
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Format CD-Rom
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Language English
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