Smuggler's Run: Warzones (2002)
Action - Racing
Publisher Rockstar Games
Developer Rockstar San Diego

Still bruised from last year's vehicular battle through hostile territories? Renowned international delivery service, Exotic Imports, calls you back for another round of brutal courier action in Smuggler's Run Warzones. The unique and definitive off-road Smuggler's Run experience has arrived for the Nintendo GameCube.

Race around five unique massive levels transporting various contrabands all the while avoiding police and other smugglers.

You are a smuggler working for Frank Luger who's company will transport anything anywhere. (Except drugs, kids, say no to drugs.) There are over 175 different missions with dozens of different objectives from a simple race to destroying a target to transporting 15 different contraband in less than 20 minutes.

There are also 5 different styles of multiplayer gaming.
Product Details
UPC 710425241260
Format GC Disc
No. of Disks 1
Region USA
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Review Rating 76
Completed No