Torchlight (2009)
Action - RPG
Publisher Encore Software
Developer Runic Games

This hack-and-slash adventure is set in the mining settlement of Torchlight, a town founded on the discovery of a rare and mysterious ore called Ember. This valuable ore has the power to enchant and corrupt but its value is such that many are willing to risk their lives for it. Now, miners have uncovered Torchlight's buried past: a dangerous labyrinth of caverns, monsters, and ruined civilizations beneath the ground that have been corrupted by Ember's dark influence.

As Evil threatens to overrun the town, a Champion is needed. Players will have the opportunity to save the town of Torchlight, battling through rock and fire, through lost cities, and across ancient tombs on a perilous journey to cleanse the mines. As one of three Character Classes, players will explore randomly generated dungeon levels, battle a huge variety of monsters, and pursue endless variations of fame and fortune.

The Ember beckons... how will you answer?

Thick veins of the magical ore Ember lie beneath the streets of Torchlight, and fortune seekers have been flocking to the small mining town since its discovery. To extract the valuable ore, a labyrinth of tunnels has been dug deep into the earth. What the miners don't know, but will soon discover, is that something much more deadly resides beneath. Ruined civilizations, now long forgotten, have hidden horrors no one can even imagine .. and now those horrors are about to surface. It is up to you and your trusty companions to stop the onslaught of monsters and save the town's citizens.

Torchlight is a single-player, action, role-playing game in which you play one of 3 character classes: The Destroyer (a warrior), The Alchemist (a spellcaster), or The Vanquisher (a rogue). Each character class has unique weapons and armor and three skill sets.

Although the majority of gameplay is handled in typical Diablo-like fashion (exploring, killing monsters, completing quests, buying & selling, levelling up etc.), there are a few unique features not found in other RPGs. For instance, your character has a private stash for storing excess items. All of your party members also share an additional pack which can be used to transfer items between them.

The animal companion you choose at the beginning of the game is more useful than in other RPGs. This pet can wear 2 rings and an amulet, can carry as many items as you can in its own pack, and levels up with experience. Its items can be sold to shopkeepers or shared between the party. You can teach your pet tricks, like fetching dropped items or to cast 2 spells of your choosing. To turn your pet into a vicious fighting monster, feed it fish before a battle. Different fishes found or caught by you in the game have varied effects on your pet.

Exploring, fighting and casting are controlled by using both the left and right mouse buttons. Keyboard keys are used for assigning items to quick slots and for accessing the various screens (character sheet, inventory, spells, map etc.) Difficulty settings range from Easy through Very Hard. Graphic options include the ability to switch between Full Screen or a smaller Windowed display, various resolution settings (the highest being 1920 x 1200), shadows, anti-aliasing, and more. The "Render Behind Walls" option allows you to see a silhouette of your character behind obstacles. You can also opt to disable the gore.

Most levels are randomly-generated but are diversified so as not to become repetitive. Inside you'll find secret rooms, traps, swinging bridges, levers, shrines, non-monster encounters, and elevation changes. The game features a handy Automap to help you find your way around and tool-tips for getting acquainted with the gameplay.
Product Details
Format Download
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating TBC
Review Rating 83
Completed No