Starsiege (1998)
Publisher Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Developer Dynamix, Inc.
Series Starsiege

Prometheus, mother of all Cybrids, instigator of the first two Earthsiege, is still out there somewhere. The Dark Intellect has learned, and it is hiding in the outer edges of the Solar System, waiting, learning, observing... For the perfect moment to strike...

The Human Empire is tearing itself apart. The decree by Emperor Petersen (he also created Prometheus) to defend Earth first, while practical, does not sit well with the colonists of other planets. They remember how helpless they were during the previous Earthsieges... And how Earth never sent any help until it is too late. When the brutal crackdown began, the Martian Resistance is formed...

Prometheus found his chance to strike when the Emperor ordered his Imperial Knights to attack the Martian Resistance...

The Starsiege has begun...


Starsiege is Sierra/Dynamix's attempt to create a universe that rivals Battletech. The HERCs in the game have shields, which means you need to coordinate your weapons to bring down the shields, THEN punch through the armor. The weapon mounts are different sizes, which means you can fit different types/sizes of weapons to them. The other mounts for equipment (engine/shields/powerplant) also have different sizes, limiting/challenging your outfitting decisions. Other equipments include shield amplifier, cloaking device, ECM, and much more. You have multiple sizes of Hercs available, and even some ground vehicles (which cannot be shielded). Outfit your squad/quad's HERCs within the design and availability limits. Each weapon looks different on the Herc! Load the camo scheme into a paint program and edit your own! Play the campaign on either the Human or the Cybrid side. Fully 3D accelerated and OpenGL compliant, you can join other players online in huge multiplayer battles. It will even use multiple CPUs if you're running Windows NT or Windows 2000.
Product Details
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Devices Flight Yoke
Language English
Review Rating 81
Completed No