Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason (2009)
Publisher 1C Company
Developer Action Forms

The Arctic Circle, Russian North Pole station 'Pole 21', 1968 - Alexander Nesterov is a meteorologist sent to investigate the final hours of the North Wind, an old nuclear ice-breaker trapped in an icy grave. This steel beast once fought for its country, but during a dangerous mission it drifted into an ice trap slowly freezing to death every living thing on board.

Alex must fight against the intense cold by finding any remaining heat sources as he investigates the final days of the North Wind and unlocks the mysteries within. However, Alex is no ordinary meteorologist as he possesses a unique 'Mental Echo' ability that allows him to relive the final memories of the dead and change their actions in the past, changing their future. Nothing can prepare Alex for the truth he uncovers as he digs deeper into the history of the ship.

Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason takes players on a terrifying trip into the unknown as they explore the dark, frozen, claustrophobic corridors and unlock the shocking secrets of the North Wind.

In Cryostasis the player assumes the role of Alexander Nesterov, meteorologist, who was scheduled to get back home from his station "Pole 21" via the nuclear ice-breaker, "North Wind". However, upon his arrival, Alexander discovers that something terrible has happened and all the crew has gone mad in the frozen coffin of a ship. Through numerous flashbacks and notes the player is set to uncover the mystery of "North Wind" and give her crew a chance to survive.

To achieve this goal Alexander possess a unusual ability called "mental echo". With its aid he can travel to the last moments of any deceased person's or animal's life and try to make a difference through his actions. In those interactive flashbacks, while the crew still struggles with the cold, Alexander must try to change the past and thus allowing himself in the future to progress. For example, in the last moments of his life, an unfortunate sailor tried to reach a pump station to prevent the flooding of a section of the ship. He didn't succeeded. But Alexander can give him a second chance, thus revealing a new passageway for himself.

Another unusual feature the game possesses is the substitution of an expected health meter, with the body temperature gauge. The cold is Alexander's worst enemy, so the only goal he has is not freeze to death. To recover some heat, the player must restore the sections of the ship, bringing back the power and heating Alexander's hands with numerous torches, light bulbs, working generators and even atomic reactors.
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UPC 618870119816
Format DVD-ROM
No. of Disks 1
Region USA
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Review Rating 72
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