Aura: Fate of the Ages (2004)
Publisher The Adventure Company
Developer Streko-Graphics Inc.
Series Aura

Since ancient times, a clan of "Keepers" has guarded a collection of sacred rings. Legend proclaims that with these rings one can travel to, and create new worlds. The one who unites these rings with several hidden artifacts will be granted infinite power and immortality.

The clan elder has chosen his prize student, Umang, to travel to Ademika to complete his training with Grifit, the old master. Upon Umang's arrival, he learns of the evil Durad's plot to steal the rings for his own sinister purpose. Umang must protect the rings as he searches for artifacts that he must deliver to Grifit.

Mysterious and glorious worlds exist parallel to each other - crafted by ancient, high members of the Clan of Keepers. Those elders also possess sacred rings which give them the ultimate power to not only travel to those worlds, but also to create new ones. Legend has it that locked away within those worlds are artifacts that, when combined with the sacred rings, could yield the bearer ultimate power and immortality.

To safeguard the universe, entry into the different worlds has been restricted to only a few select members of the Clan. But, a sinister threat has surfaced and the hidden artifacts must be found before it is too late. You, as a "Keeper Apprentice", are chosen to go on the quest. You will explore four wondrous places: The Ademika Valley - the gateway and world of secrets and sacred rituals; Dragast - a mechanical kingdom with a winter wonderland setting; Na-Tiexu - a land full of magic and astronomy; and then the Island of Unity.

Aura is a 3D adventure game which combines the graphic and rich atmospheric qualities of Myst-like games with mindbending puzzles akin to those found in puzzle games like Obsidian and Jewels of the Oracle. Entirely mouse-controlled in 1st person, the game features an original plot, puzzles of varying type and difficulty (mechanical, mathematical, logical, musical, etc.), unusual objects to find and use plus non-player character interaction. In addition, an in-game "Hint Journal" records all of the puzzle clues you encounter for easy reference while playing.
Product Details
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Everyone
Review Rating 68
Completed No