Empire of the Undead (2002)
Action - Platform
Publisher Simon & Schuster Interactive
Developer MachineWorks Northwest, LLC.

The Goddess Is Summoned

You won't believe the graphics and sounds coming from your PocketPC! "Undead" will set a new standard in pocket gaming by using the same development process used in commercial desktop games.

You assume the role of the Goddess - summoned to rid Xenos of the monsters that have spawned. Wielding steel and ancient magiks you shall vanquish your foes. At least that's the plan, but who really knows these things?


* 12 levels
* Over 1200 sprites
* The latest GAPI double buffering techniques
* Tons of realtime effects including scaling. smoke and tinting.
* Level scripting system
* Different levels feature different visual perspectives
* High detail, windmills that turn, bridges you can cross.
* Chillingly real sound effects & music, full mixing
* Ultra optimized compression techniques allow more graphic and sound content than ever before - this will push your Ipaq to its limits!
Product Details
UPC 076714523340
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Completed No