Space Bound (2006)
Publisher Real Networks, Inc.
Developer Gamenauts, Inc

Captain Bloom was traveling across the universe when, passing nearby the Earth, his ship crashed into one of our satellites, which sent the Picolytes plummeting down. Now they are stranded here, falling prey to dastardly scientists and spoiled little girls!

Bejeweled meets Lumines in this casual puzzle game. The gameplay consists in rotating blocks of 4 Picolytes so they match into squares of the same color. When a square is matched, a rescue bar will start to load at the bottom of the screen; when it is completely full, the blocks matched will be removed from the grid. This allows the player to combine sets of squares, even in more than one color, granting combo points. A combo counter will be displayed at the right side of the screen. When this counter reaches 10, a Superstar Block will appear: if matched, it will remove all blocks of the same color from the screen.

To add some more complexity, some blocks are locked into position (chains and a padlock will mark them). Empty blocks will also appear, and those can't be matched with anything. Other blocks contain bombs which need to be defused, and a regressive clock will count from 9 to zero at each move the player makes. They're defused when they're matched into squares with blocks of the same color. Each level has a target time, and it will run down faster when a bomb explodes. The level is complete when a bar to the left is filled - with enough Picolytes rescued, the rocket will have enough fuel to be launched once again.

Three game modes are available:

* Story Mode: in this mode, the player helps Captain Bloom as he travels across 10 cities of the world (San Francisco, New York, Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris, Athens, Cairo, Moscow, Beijing and Tokyo) trying to rescue the Pycolites. Each city has 5 levels and player will collect post cards for every city beaten.

* Puzzle Mode: this mode presents 24 custom designed bomb puzzles. The player has to defuse one or more bombs before the time runs out. Some puzzles will also feature locked blocks.

* Endless Mode: in this mode, the player is free to keep playing endlessly, with no time limits or goals to achieve.
Product Details
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Review Rating 82
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