Bounty (2006)
Publisher Total Eclipse
Developer Total Eclipse

Shiver me timbers! Captain Mirabelle and her crew have learned of clues leading to the treasure of pirate Black Jack. Search the islands and find the treasure so as to be rich!

Bounty: Special Edition is a match game. To make a match, click an item to make it slide to the left and drop into the bottom. When you match three, and later four, of the same item, they will clear. As the game progresses, you will have black blocks with a sword symbol. These cannot be cleared and are there to just act as blocks. When you fail to make a match, the blocks will appear. If the stack passes the top line, you lose a life and must redo the level.

As you progress, you can gain bonus items, like additional time or the ability to swap two items. To gather these items, click them so they move to the bottom as the first item in line.

There are three game modes. Adventure mode follows the story of Mirabelle through one-hundred forty levels. Finish each level before the time runs out. Eternity mode lets you play one level non-stop. The items refill and there is no time limit. Relaxed mode follows the story of Mirabelle through one-hundred eighty levels with no time restriction.
Product Details
Edition Special Edition
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Completed No