Artic Stud Poker Run (2008)
Card - Platformer - Puzzle
Publisher Got Game
Developer Got Game

From the creators of Rampage World Tour and General Chaos, Arctic Stud Poker Run is an outrageous, actionpacked "full-contact poker" game with heavily-armed, highspeed vehicles in a revolutionary multi-player battle experience that must be seen to be believed! A decidedly irreverent, over-the-top reinvention of real-life cross-country "poker runs" in which players race from place to place picking up playing cards in an effort to assemble a winning hand. Arctic Stud Poker run includes everything from heat-seeking missiles and dynamite-filled snowmen to spell-casting goblins and bullet-proof longjohns!
Product Details
UPC 851612000625
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Rating Pending
Completed No