Star Trek: Away Team (2001)
Publisher Activision
Developer Reflexive Entertainment
Series Star Trek

After the Dominion War, Starfleet realized that not every problem can be solved by a Galaxy-class starship and its thousand-member crew. Instead, sometimes a discreet inquiry by a special operations team may be needed. Thus, USS Incursion is built. Equipped with a holographic masking system, this ship can disguise itself as any ship in the known universe. With seventeen of the best operatives in the Federation, hand picked by the captain, Marcus Refalian, you will investigate a threat not just against the Federation. Who are the Wardens, and what is their relation with this contagion the Klingon scientists are studying?

Star Trek: Away Team is basically Star Trek's answer to Commandos. Guide your operatives, each different, through a series of missions from three-quarter isometric view. Avoid detection and minimize casualties. The enemy will have cameras, sensors, and patrols against you. You will have to pick your team carefully. Do you need a security expert with his sniper rifle and grenades? Or do you need a medical expert with her hypospray and neural stunner? How about the engineering expert with the engineering kit and EMP grenades? Or should you pick the science expert with sonic decoy and holo-projector? Pick the right team and the mission will be easier. Enemies will pickup on sound but low sound means slow movement.

The game is basically composed of puzzles, as you must coordinate your crew to solve various puzzles without being discovered by the guards or security system. If you are discovered by a security system, there is usually a way to find the system terminal and erase the records. Sometimes, though, you have to fight your way through. You will encounter all sorts of enemies, from Klingons to Borg, from Romulans to Starfleet renegades. Can you solve the mystery of the Wardens?

Complex alien surroundings are the setting for your stealth missions, including Romulan outposts, Borg cubes, and unpredictable foreign landscapes. Select from 17 highly trained specialists to form the perfect squad for each mission.
Product Details
UPC 047875300255
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Multiplayer Support Internet, LAN
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Completed No