Dangerous Waters (2005)
Simulation - Simulator
Publisher Strategy First
Developer Strategy First

S.C.S. - Dangerous Waters puts you in control of 10 of the world's most powerful naval vessels. Order your crewmen as you plan and execute combined arms naval strategies from a top-down 'Commanders Eye' perspective. You'll lead multiple air, surface, and submarine missions in a modern-day naval environment! Host or join multiplayer games on a local area network or over the Internet Playable Surface Units - Oliver Hazard Perry class FFG Playable Russian Diesel Attack Subs - Improved Kilo class, Kilo 'Paltus' class Playable Chinese Diesel Attack Subs - Improved Kilo class (Project 636), Improved Kilo class (Project 636 Klub capable), Improved Kilo class (Project 877E) Playable Russian Nuclear Attack Subs - Improved Akula I class, Akula II class Playable Air Units - MH-60R Seahawk Multi-Mission Helicopter, P-3C Orion ASW Maritime Patrol Aircraft Playable U.S. Nuclear Attack Subs - Improved Los Angeles 688(I) class, Seawolf class

Dangerous Waters is an in-depth simulation of modern submarine and anti-submarine warfare (ASW), with a particular emphasis on realism. As the direct successor of Sub Command, Dangerous Waters entitles you to command the most advanced nuclear submarines in operation: the American SSN-21 Seawolf-class and 688i Los Angeles-class, and the Russian AKULA-I IMPROVED and AKULA-II. Additionally, you will be able to take control of the variants (Projects 636 and 877) of the KILO-class diesel-electric attack submarine, a ship which lacks the endurance, speed an power of its nuclear counterparts but which is particularly quiet when running slowly and deadly in shallow waters.

However, Dangerous Waters is also allowing you to take part in the submarine hunt. You will be able to conduct anti-submarine warfare operations aboard the Oliver Hazard Perry guided missile frigate, the MH-60 multi-mission helicopter and the P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft. These three ASW platforms are modeled with the same level of attention as their submarine counterparts.

Apart from the new controllable platforms, Dangerous Waters improves the gameplay of Sub Command in many ways, the most significant advance being a more refined acoustic and sonar simulation.

The game features an extensive multiplayer mode, with the ability to play with multiple players on different station onboard the same ship.
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