EF2000 (1995)
Flight Simulation - Simulator
Publisher Ocean Software Ltd.
Developer Digital Image Design Ltd.
Series EF2000

Eurofighter 2000

Made by the same team that produced TFX, this simulation focuses on the Eurofighter 2000.

Set in a fictional campaign against Russia (who else, huh? ;)) you are called into action when a Russian force attempts to take control of Norway and Sweden as a foothold to an invasion of northern Europe. You'll play through a variety of randomly-generated missions ranging from patrols, to ground strikes. Included as well is a fairly extensive multi-player support, including network and modem play.

The game has lots of pretty graphics and effects, for instance, you see the flailing of your arms whenever you take a missile hit, or you hear your own gasps as you try to breathe whenever you pull too many G's. The graphics engine pulls some nifty tricks and uses multi-texturing to display damage, etc.
Product Details
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Review Rating 91
Completed No