Army Men Value Pack 2 (2000)
Real Time Strategy
Publisher 3DO Company, The
Developer 3DO Company, The
Series Army Men

This Army Men pack contains 4 classic Army Men games:

* Army Men: The original title that started it all, where you take command of the green army, and fight the tan army in a war of bathroom battle fields and tiny Army Men figures.
* Army Men: Sarge's Heroes: Some of the Green Army's best have been captured by the Tan Army, and it's up to Sarge's Heroes to go in and get them back.
* Army Men: World War: The fight between the Green and Tan armies has blown out into World War. It is up to you to lead the Green army and take back the world from the Tan enemy.
* Army Men: Air Attack: The Army Men take to the sky. Fly 4 different toy style attack helicopters and rescue fellow Green troops, drop off supplies or take out enemy bases.
Product Details
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 4
Language English
Completed No