Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Collection (2006)
MMORPG - Role-playing - RPG
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Electronic Arts
Series Ultima

The Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Collection compiles all the expansion pack for Ultima Online. Explore a massive game world and everything it has to offer -- it's all available to you, for the first time ever. It also includes some all-new bonuses, including new furniture and housing styles. Samurai Empire brings ancient Asian mythology and folklore & the Tokuno Islands, along with two new character classes - Ninja and Samurai Ultima Online - Mondain's Legacy introduces the Elves and their all-new spellweaving powers - along with several new dungeons

Ultima Online: 9th Anniversary Collection celebrates this MMORPG's ninth consecutive year with a new compilation. It includes:

* Ultima Online
* The Second Age
* Renaissance
* Third Dawn
* Lord Blackthorn's Revenge
* Age of Shadows
* Samurai Empire
* Mondain's Legacy

Also included are exclusive Crystal and Shadow housing sets, and the addition of Personal Attendants.
Product Details
UPC 014633153057
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 3
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Review Rating 70
Completed No