Dungeon Keeper Gold Edition (1997)
Action - RPG - Strategy
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Bullfrog Productions Ltd.
Series Dungeon Keeper

This edition of Dungeon Keeper comes with the following: Dungeon Keeper with 3D Support, The Deeper Dungeons Mission Disk, a level Editor and Desktop Theme pack.

Dungeon Keeper with 3D support is both the original Dungeon Keeper and the Direct3D version of Dungeon Keeper. Both have all the patches already applied. Dungeon Keeper is the rpg/action/strategy game in which you build the evilist most filthy dungeon you can. You must recruit and appease monsters who can defend your gold and spread your power over do-gooders who dare to try to destroy your dungeon and rival Dungeon Keepers.

The Deeper Dungeons Mission Disk is the expansion pack that was sold. It includes 15 extra levels.

The level editor is self explanatory.

The Desktop theme is a backdrop, some sounds, and cursers to customize your windows desktop with a more evil theme.
Product Details
UPC 014633078879
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Multiplayer Support LAN
Devices Mouse
Language English
Review Rating 78
Completed No