L.A. Street Racing (LASR) (2006)
Publisher Groove Games
Developer Skillground

Matt Peacock is the best race driver in the underground of L.A. and you want to take that title away from him. But of course the best of the best does not race a newcomer so you have got to race your way up starting from place 61.

At the beginning of the game you choose one of two available cars and then you go and wait at the COOL-Market for contestants to arrive. Once someone willing to race comes by, you are given a choice of tuning parts of your opponent you can race for. Before all races you have to bet at least one item from your own to start the race and since you cannot save the game manually, losing a part means that you have got to earn it again.

Every part of your car (engine, nitro and so on) can be enhanced in several stages and once you have collected all parts of the same stage, you can do a pinkslip race in which the opponent bets his car. Losing that race will cost every single tuning part you have collected for your car. The parts you win are limited to the car you win them with so you cannot swap them between cars. If you put parts of different stages on your car, the handling will decrease so you need to decide if it is wise to get the power of the tier 3 engine if that makes the handling of the car much worse.

The ranking list is divided into four prestige levels and every level has its own starting location. For instance, If you go to the Village Motel, you need prestige level 4 to race or otherwise they will send you away. The same thing happens when you are level 2 and you wait at the COOL-Market because you are too powerful for them.

The races themselves take place on marked-off streets in L.A. at night. The cars are handle more realistically than the ones in Need for Speed: Carbon which means that you cannot just fly through curves by taking the foot from the acceleration for a second. You need to consider that your back drifts into the scenery if you take the curve too steep for example. If you drive parts of the track without a mistake, you receive a small nitro refill.

The game features an online mode where you can drive against up to seven other players.
Product Details
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Review Rating 49
Completed No