Shattered Suns (2008)
Real Time Strategy
Publisher Clear Crown Studios
Developer Clear Crown Studios

Overview - Here in the depths of outer space, the vast emptiness presses in on you from all sides. In your specially designed spaceship, you are focused on making your way back to the space station to meet up with other members of the fleet. Then your tracking equipment informs you that another spaceship is approaching - and chances are, it's not friendly. Steel your nerves and steady your hands on the controls. Do you have what it takes to survive in the battle to come?

Shattered Suns immerses you in a gripping, epic storyline filled with realistic characters, compelling plot twists and nonlinear story arcs, all set against the backdrop of the vastness of outer space. Design spaceships and space stations that give you a tactical advantage in the outer reaches of the galaxy, and prepare to engage in thrilling, 3D space battles. Put your courage and your strategy to the test as you explore a world unlike any you've seen before.

Product Features

- Create your ultimate galactic fleet to provide you with the utmost tactical advantage

- Design both spaceships and space stations to your exacting specifications

- Test your reflexes and your strategic thinking in dazzling, 3D space battles where you enjoy maximum maneuverability

- Explore a gripping storyline filled with intriguing plot twists and populated by fascinatingly lifelike characters

- Confront additional challenges with the new system of "distributed economics"

Product Details
UPC 181424000033
Format DVD-ROM
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Everyone 10+
Completed No