Legend: Hand of God (2007)
Publisher ANACONDA
Developer Master Creating

Whether large or small, the main difference between enemies in modern action-oriented RPGs has always just been the number of their hitpoints. Legend – Hand of God, the new action RPG by ANACONDA and Master Creating breaks with this tradition, setting new standards. Thanks to the innovative Cinematic Combat System, orcs, ogres, trolls, goblins and their ilk will all be fought heroically in their own right.

The Cinematic Combat System makes every monster brawl special: in Legend, gamers won't use their sword to tickle giant enemies at the knees anymore, but will fight them in a challenging and realistic manner – and in beautiful, spectacular 3D graphics. At the same time, Legend – Hand of God remains just as easy to control as other action RPGs.

The impressive graphics are provided by an in-house engine, tailored specifically for the needs of an action RPG. Randomly generated dungeons and a manually crafted world on the surface bring the fantasy universe of Legend – Hand of God to life. A luminous spirit accompanies the players, giving him tips and clues, serving as the cursor and – thanks to real-time lighting – illuminating the dark corners of the world. Action RPG fans will love Legend – Hand of God and its fantasy setting and strong storyline, written by renowned US author Susan O'Connor. Well-know developers and designers are part of the project's team.

Four races live in the lands of Aris. While the elves and dwarfs forged an alliance because of the threat by the strong and martial orcs, the humans kept to themselves and expanded to every corner of Aris. One fateful day the dwarfs discover a very old portal and ask the mightiest of the elves' mages to open it for them. They are aware that the evil is waiting behind the portal. Blinded by pride Kaskaras thought he could control it and opened the portal anyway. Of course he lost control, became the Sorcerer of Shadow and unleashed hordes of daemons upon the world.

Desperately fighting for their survival, the humans, elves and dwarfs joined forces and drove the daemons back through the portal. But they weren't able to seal it so the mages of all races bound their forces and created the Holy Flame which kept the Daemons from entering. But the fight wasn't over. Targon, the leader of the humans, decided to go into the portal and kill Kaskaras leaving his army behind to guard the Holy Flame.

Several years have passed since then and Targon hasn't returned ever since. One night a shadowy figure enters the monastery of the Holy Flame and succeeds in extinguishing the flame and so the Daemons are once again free to enter the world. At the same time a young novice is in the monastery to be sanctified as a preserver. You are this novice and you are send by one of the dying older preservers on a quest to free the land and kill Kaskaras to ensure that something like this won't ever happen again.

As oppose to other RPGs you can't decide what character you play at the beginning so you always play a male. But after the first level up you can choose what class you want to be by combining two so-called "paths". You can choose between five paths like the "Path of the Warrior" (specialisation in melee combat) or the "Path of the Wild" (specialisation in range combat). Depending on your choice, you are then known for example as a Archmage (if you chose the "Path of Faith" and the "Path of Magic").

Once you've chosen your character class, you get access to two skill trees for each of the paths. At each level you get one talent point for each tree. As you advanced in level you also advance up the tiers in the skill tree and by doing so you unlock new spells or talents like the fireball.

The rest of the game is also faithful to established standards of the Hack 'n' Slay-RPG-Genre. This means as you make your way to your goal you fulfill quests, kill monsters, find new and better items of different quality and gain experience for the next level up. To move quickly around the world, you'll find big runestones sitting around the landscape. Once activated you will respawn at the nearest upon death but you can also teleport between them. If you find a small runestone (in chests or dropped by enemies), you can use it as a one-way teleporter.

Another feature of Legend: Hand of God is Luna, a lightelf or fairy who has already been a long companion of the novice. She acts as the mouse-cursor of the game and lights up the surrounding. She also gives you tips once appropriate. If you find a better weapon as the one you're carrying right now, she'll for example tell you that the one you just obtained is way better. The downside is, that she can barley keep her mouth shut which means that she'll often engage the player character in rather funny dialogues like pointing out how lost he would be in this dark dungeon if she wouldn't be here right now lighting up the place.
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