Blood 2: The Chosen (1998)
Publisher Gt Interactive Software
Developer Monolith Productions, Inc.
Series Blood

Blood2 is a sequel to Blood the first person shooter from Monolith, it uses the LithTech engine. Caleb from the original Blood is back for more blood as he fights the CABAL, the cult dedicated to the worship of the Dark God Tchernobog (his nemesis in Blood) and Gideon, their leader.

There is a great variety of weapons as well as a greater number of different enemies than the previous game. The levels themselves are diverse as well. In the first chapter alone, you'll travel from an ornate museum to a huge science facility to the alleys of an ominous city street to a futuristic flying machine. The game sounds just as good, with funny wisecracks, great ambient sounds, and an appropriately dark, techno soundtrack.

The LithTech engine from Shogo is used to produce a world of corporate chaos.
Product Details
UPC 742725154223
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Mature
Review Rating 74
Completed Yes