Hitchcock: The Final Cut (2001)
3rd Person - Adventure
Publisher UBI Soft
Developer Arxel Tribe

Coming from the french company 'arxel tribe', spanning on 2CDs with 700MB free space requirement, the game lets you experience the world of Hitchcock's movies up-close and personal with rather easy interface. Movement in the game is keyboard-oriented, as well as doing all the actions and/or dialogues, while you'll be using mouse for pop-up menu window, examining clues, or browsing your inventory.

You play a PI, more ordinary than Tex, but with present monologues and a gun in his hand, alright. One night, driving along the coast, accident happened... or you could say luck, just as well. You crashed into a red convertible, and a woman (not sure if she's your niece, though) came out... she was silent, and soon you realised she cannot talk, literally. Not only you noticed that, you noticed that she's the one who hired you on a recent case of yours... to reveal the mystery that's behind her uncle's movie-being-shot. You being dumb, and her being mute, seemed to be quite an interesting couple... ahem, a team. Thus you exit the car, sit in hers, and let her drive you to the spot of mystery, her uncle's mansion. Time to solve the case now...
Product Details
UPC 008888680284
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Mature
Completed No