Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir (2008)
Publisher Atari
Developer Obsidian Entertainment
Series Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir hearkens back to the days of the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale franchises by including full party customization, dungeon crawling, and free exploration of a non-linear game world via an Overland Map. The gripping storyline foreshadows the events that will take place in the Forgotten Realms with the coming of release this June of the Fourth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game. In the aftermath of the defeat of the King of Shadows, the Sword Coast is in the midst of an uneasy economic recovery. Trade syndicates have sprung up to exploit the post-war confusion for their own ends. The player's party will wade into this uncertain environment; in order to increase their own fortunes, they can either ally with a syndicate to create a trade empire, or cut their own path through Faerûn by preying upon caravans and selling the goods on the black market. As they attempt to extend their influence, players will become aware of a new faction working behind the scenes: the evil, shapeshifting, serpentine Yuan-Ti.

In addition to trading and economic manipulation, the Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir Overland Map allows players to explore the Chultan Peninsula and Sword Coast in a non-linear manner never before seen in any of the Neverwinter Nights games. Exploration will take players from well-known locations, like Neverwinter and Crossroad Keep, to more exotic areas, such as the xenophobic jungle nation of Samarach. Groups of highwaymen and monsters populate the Overland Map and the farther from civilization the player roams, the more difficult the encounters become. The 15-hour campaign in Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir is also packed with new classes, spells, creatures, and playable races.

Fans of the compelling multiplayer features of Neverwinter Nights 2 will also be able to take advantage of new improvements to the multiplayer experience, while modders will be able to take advantage of the power and flexibility of the Overland Map and Trading System features along with other world-building enhancements.

Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir is the second add-on to Neverwinter Nights 2 and tells the event following the defeat of the King of shadows with a mercantile group's effort to establish itself at all costs. But instead of a linear storyline like in Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer, the player can roam around freely in the regions of Samarach and the Sword Coast with the help of the new "Overland Map". On this map the player sees the world from an isometric view and can travel faster through the world while still seeing where enemies are or uncovering secrets. The overland map also increases the importance of previously less useful Dungeon & Dragon skills like "Survival" or "Search" to help the party avoid some of the many dangers roaming the land and help her find the hidden treasures.

The player can also now create his whole group of four adventurers (and two NPC cohorts) by himself instead of picking up whoever the story tells him to. There are also two new races (the Grey Orcs and the Yuan-ti Purebloods) and three new classes (Swashbuckler, Doomguide and the Hellfire Warlock) to choose from upon character creation. The choices the player makes there are especially important this time around because in conversations the player can now switch quickly between speakers allowing him to influence the dialogue further.

The add-on also revamps the crafting system, now allowing the player to harness the skills, materials and spells from every group in his adventure party when it's time to use the collected recipes to either create a new item or enchant an existing one. And in correspondence to the story, which focuses on a group of traders, trading has also been expanded, allowing the player to reap economic rewards and expand his modest merchant company into a massive trade empire by trading resources and goods and setting up trade caravans and such.
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Region USA
Language English
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