Sam & Max: Season 1 Episodes 1 - 3 (2007)
Publisher The Adventure Company
Developer Telltale Games
Series Sam & Max

In the first episode, the former child stars of the Soda Poppers TV show are wreaking havoc in the neighborhood! In the next one talk show host Myra Stump has gone berzerk! Episode 3 puts Sam & Max into an underground operation at the Ted E. Bear Mafia-Free Playland and Casino. It continues with Sam & Max' journey to Washington, where they take care of the President. The bozo already implemented a pudding embargo... what's next, gun control?

  • State-of-the art graphic-enigne: expirience high-res graphics and stable, consistent framerates even on moderate systems
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    UPC 625904552204
    Format CD-Rom
    No. of Disks 1
    Language English
    Audience Rating Teen
    Completed No