Law & Order: Justice is Served (2004)
Publisher Vivendi Universal
Developer Legacy Interactive Inc.
Series Law & Order

In the third installment of the series based on famous TV-series your team are investigate the murder of Ukrainian tennis starlet Elena Kusarova at the US Open. The game is divided in two parts. In the first one, female and male tennis stars, their coaches, managers, guards and other people will allow you to understand who the murderer is and to arrest him. As Lt. Briscoe and his companion, you are talking to people, investigating their places, solving the puzzles to open some safe or to composite the broken letter, etc. Your actions result in arrest order of suspect and throw you in second part of the game. Now you have to proof, that the suspect is guilty in courthouse, where you as Prosecutor can call the witnesses and ask them. During this you also can collect additional evidences with the help of Lt. Brisco.
Product Details
UPC 020626722520
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 2
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Review Rating 72
Completed No