Beyond Divinity (2004)
Action - Role-playing - RPG
Publisher Hip Interactive Corp.
Developer Larian Studios
Series Divinity

Beyond Divinity is a role-playing game in which you play a servant to "the Divine" whose purpose in life is to oppose Evil at every turn. Instead of having a traditional "party", your only companion is your enemy .. a Death Knight soul-forged to you by a vengeful demon. Neither you nor your disgruntled, somewhat comical "soul mate" like the arrangement and would rather be free of each other as soon as possible. So together you take off in search of a way to undo the forging.

The game plays out in 4 Acts over a huge territory. You begin in a dungeon-like jail and progress out into the open landscape (once escaping your prison). Explore an imp village, a monster-infested forests, atmospheres of fire and ice as well as numerous mysterious islands on your journey.

There are over 140 different non-player characters including friendlies and monsters of various types. More than 300 sub-quests can be discovered by interacting with the NPCs, many of which are entirely optional. In addition to the main game questing, there are separate "battlefield" areas within each Act that have nothing to do with the main plot but are accessed by finding special keys in the main game. Intended to help you increase your skills, these accessory areas have more quests, multi-leveled dungeons as well as merchants and special objects that cannot be found anywhere else.

The game is both keyboard and mouse controlled and is played out entirely in 3rd person, isometric perspective. Your character can be a male or female and there is a choice of several classes chosen during the character generation process. You control your "henchman" Death Knight in the same manner you would any other party member. Like your own character, you provide him with equipment and direction while exploring and battling. He can carry just as much (sometimes more) inventory and has his own abilities and skills.

Although there are occasional in-game references to Larian's previous title, Divine Divinity, Beyond is not a sequel to Divine. It does use the same basic engine as the previous game but with improved party control, new interaction with objects and the environment.
Product Details
UPC 677990103440
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Mature
Review Rating 74
Completed Yes