First to Fight / Starship Troopers Bundle (2007)
Publisher Destineer
Developer Destineer Studios

The Close Combat: First To Fight / Starship Troopers Bundle gives you a chance to battle for survival with the toughest soldiers around.

Close Combat: First to Fight
Close Combat: First to Fight is a modern military first person shooter. You lead a marine fireteam in a fictional campaign that takes place in Beirut, Lebanon. At certain times in the single player game, you can call in mortar strikes and air strikes. Enemies have a psych-model similar to what is in the classic RTS Close Combat series that causes the enemies to hunker down, or even flee when they take enough fire. It features four-player co-op through the entire single player campaign, as well as multiplayer deathmatch.

Weapons: M16A4, M203 Grenade Launcher, M249 SAW, M590 Shotgun, M67 Frag Grenade, M8HC Smoke Grenade, AK-74, SVD Sniper Rifle, M1911 Pistol, RPG-7, RPK

Rating: 67

Starship Troopers
Do your part in war against the bugs as Elite Marauder in mobile infantry. You are given weapons like a Morita rifle, plasma rifle, shotgun and even a nuke launcher. You also get the Marauder suit that makes you much stronger than normal grunts, but puts you against hundreds of bugs without support. Remember, service guarantees citizenship. Join now!

Marauder has a armor that reloads when not attacked, various weapons and support units from time to time. The main difference is number of enemies. There are usually hundreds of arachnids attacking and while most of them can be killed easily, there are some like tanker bugs which take huge amount of damage. Next to the action-based missions, there is also some infiltration.

The game takes place five years after the events of the second film. The bugs are still rampaging across the surface of planet Hesperus which is mostly a desert planet, and most fights take place in canyons or Federation bases. There aren't any vehicles you can use, but there are some mounted guns to occupy. The game includes clips from the film in cinematics and mission briefings.

Rating: 57

• In Close Combat - First To Fight, you'll command a four-man fire team in the hottest combat zones of the Middle East. Guide a Rifleman, SAW Gunner, and Assistant Gunner in realistic military combat. Provide covering fire, provide assistance when a teammate is pinned, and find the right strategy for urban combat. When you're stuck, call in the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) -- get air support for Cobra helicopters and ground support for M1 Abrams tanks. Complete your objectives while foll
• Starship Troopers takes you to the front lines in Earth's first interplanetary war. Experience the sci-fi military action of the hit book, film and TV series as you blast alien bugs into oblivion to earn your citizenship. Epic battles featuring over 300 bugs on the screen at once, each with their own AI -- 19 different types of bugs to encounter. Choose from 9 futuristic weapons, each with dual function attacks - From the standard-issue Morita rifle (as seen in the film) and shotgun to the Pl
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Format DVD-ROM
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Language English
Review Rating 67
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