Braveheart (1999)
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Developer Red Lemon Studios

Braveheart fans expecting a game of the same quality as the movie should beware. This game does not do the movie justice. We can almost see what the designers were trying to do here: combine a sweeping strategy game and complex diplomatic model with a real-time combat engine to re-enact 13th-century battles. Unfortunately the end result is a muddled mess.

We thought we were in for a treat when the good-looking strategic map loaded up, but we were mistaken. The interface is convoluted and the manual does an incredibly poor job of describing its operation (in fact, several features are not discussed at all). We figured things out after a few hours of trial and error, but by that time we also had discovered that the game was repetitive and dull.

The combat routines are laughable. The designers gave us all sorts of neat formations to line our troops up in, presumably to give us a tactical edge in combat, but every fight immediately degenerates into a circle-shaped general brawl. The only thing worse than the graphics and sound effects during the fight sequences was the fact we had to sit through them for interminable amounts of time, always knowing who the winner would be before the conflict even began. Braveheart obviously was a great idea that was kicked out of development and onto store shelves before it was ready for prime time. --T. Byrl Baker

As a scottish Lord in medieval England, you have to unite the clans and defeat the british army. Braveheart mixes economy and troup management on a 2D map with realtime-strategy battles in 3D. Although Braveheart is the official game to the hollywood movie featuring Mel Gibson, there is no direct reference to the film. (Apart from a single picture of Gibson, that is.)

Product Details
UPC 788687109017
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Mature
Review Rating 49
Completed No