Wizard's War Chest (2006)
Publisher eGames
Developer Nival, Inc.

Three of the best fantasy games ever created, now in one fantastic collection! / Rated T: Teen / DVD for Windows

Evil Islands:
There's trouble in the land of Gipath. Legends tell of the Chosen One that will come and save its inhabitants. However, they didn't think he'd appear as a mere boy with blond hair and grey pantaloons...

You play the role of a young man named, Zak, who finds himself dazed and confused in a middle of some ruins. Without any idea who or where he is, he must travel between three islands in search of his identity, with plenty of tasks to accomplish.

One of the unique things with this game is that you had a certain amount of freedom on how you wanted to complete your tasks. During the course of the game, you'll find new enemies and allies. Your party can support up to three people, and these are more or less fixed because of scripting. The difficulty quickly becomes pretty steep, and each completed mission leaves you with a feeling of "accomplishment".

This game also features blueprints in which you can create your own armor, weapons and so on if you have the materials required. There are several types of materials, some sporting better qualities than others, but then again they're equally harder to come by. Even though somewhat awkward to use, the crafting part formed the start of a trend; user freedom in how players interact and create items in a game. The player is responsible for equipping every character in the party with items from his or her travels.

The gameplay highly focuses on outwitting your enemies by crawling or sneaking to back stab and surprise your enemies, or pickpocketing a valuable item from an unsuspecting victim. The use of magic is also highly recommended, as many of the enemies you'll meet are best met with a fire bolt or a lightning strike at long range. The gallery of enemies varies from orcs, wizards and skeletons to mighty Dragons, Lizards and Cyclops.

A turn based strategy game set in a fantasy world.

Etherlords converts the world of trading card games to a computer game. The heroes in the game are the units you move around the strategic map, much like the HoMM-series. But instead of having hordes of creatures following your hero, he/she is equipped with a deck of 15 cards. With these cards you can summon creatures and of course cast different spells. In the beginning you have only the standard set of cards available for your race (there are 4 different races), but as you capture different locations on the strategic map you can buy new more powerful cards. To buy cards you need resources, which you collect in the common strategy-gaming way (i.e. picking up resources just lying around or capturing mines).

Both the strategic map and the battlefield are fully in 3D with detailed 3D-effects.

Etherlords II:
Etherlords 2 is just as the first one a Turn based strategy game, where the battle system is similar to collectible card games. You move your hero around an overland map, and when facing enemies you get into battle mode. However, there is one big difference from the first game : On the overland map you now move in real-time. The game is also more focused on roleplaying than before.

In single player mode you can play either just one duel or the entire campaign. There are four races available (Vitals, Kinets, Chaots and Synthets) and they all have their own campaign. There's also a fifth campaign where you control the mythical hero Diamanda.
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