Motocross Madness 2 (2000)
Racing - Simulation
Publisher Microsoft
Developer Rainbow Studios
Series Motocross Madness

Bang bars and bury your opponents in the tricked-up sequel to Motocross MadnessTM. More of the wicked dirt bike action of the original plus smokin new graphics, intense new events, authentic licensed bikes, and all new stunts. Get on the pipe and go even madder with Motocross Madness 2. Features: Compete on over 40 tracks in 6 event types including the all new Enduro mode where you can race in authentic outdoor motocross environments. All new career mode Race for purses and sponsorship dollars and see if you can make it all the way to the ultimate superstud challenge the Professional Supercross Circuit. Eye-popping 3D terrains and tracks Race in and out of over 50,000 3D objects, ranging from hay bales and scrub brush to lumbering trains and speeding cars. Wild multiplayer competition Race with your friends via LAN, direct modem, or over the Web on the MSNTM Gaming Zone. Tracks co-designed by professional Supercross sensation, Stephane Roncada System Requirements Windows - 95/98/ME/XP/2000 Processor - PII 233 Mhz Free hard drive space - 675 MB System memory - 64 MB CD-ROM - 4 speed Graphic card - 8 MB DirectX 7.0a or higher

"MTM 2" is a motocross simulation. It can be played in many different ways. There are stunt-tracks, where you have to perform the craziest stunts to earn points, supercross-tracks, where you have to pass the finish line before the others are doing, baja-tracks, where you have to ride a circuit through the wilderness and new enduro-tracks, where you also have to ride through an outdoor location, but each with a special theme. There are a lot of obstacles what makes the scenery very realistic. With the downloadable editor called "Armadillo" you can build your own tracks and objects.
Product Details
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Multiplayer Support Internet, LAN
Language English
Review Rating 87
Completed No